Rancho Cucamonga, High Desert gets weird baseball in extras

At one point in this game, the High Desert Mavericks were leading 11-3. Then the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes took the lead and made it 14-11. But they didn’t want to end it there, so High Desert tied it up in the 9th at 14.

I can’t exactly tell you why this happened — granted, no one could.

By the time the top of the 13th began, it was nearing midnight and the wheels were about to come off for the Mavericks.

Runs were being scored by the Quakes, clearly, and Dillon Hazlett — an infielder for the Mavericks — was warming up in the bullpen.

They say weird baseball is when a game goes past midnight. I don’t think anyone expected just how weird it would get in Adelanto.

After three runs scored in the top of the 13th, Andrew Kittredge and Anthony Phillips were ejected from the game. So at a few just past midnight, Hazlett comes into the game to pitch and then a sacrifice double play happens.

Darnell Sweeney flies into a sacrifice double play, center fielder Jamal Austin to second baseman Patrick Brady to first baseman Michael Dowd. Noel Cuevas scores. Scott Schebler out at 1st.

If you think it can’t get weirder, it does.

In the bottom of the 13th, Rancho Cucamonga got two quick outs before Raydel Sanchez walked Kevin Rivers and then gave up a double to Patrick Kivlehan.

It appeared that the game was going to be over on a routine grounder to short, but of course that wouldn’t happen. A routine play becomes an error because of a Cory Seager throw. Two runs were in, tying run was at the plate.

Guillermo Pimentel hit it out to left. The way the call was on the radio made you think there would be a chance for the Mavericks to tie it up, but Cuevas caught it and that was that.

After five hours and eight minutes of baseball later, the Quakes finally shut the door on the game and won 18-16.

That’s baseball, folks.

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