Sakata out as Modesto Nuts manager

It was reported on Jul. 7 that Modesto Nuts manager Lenn Sakata was fired and replaced by the Nuts’ Development Supervisor, Fred Nelson.

The Modesto Bee said that this move was due to the fact that the Colorado Rockies want a manager who is more supportive of the organization’s player development philosophy.

There was no word as to what the philosophy was, exactly, only that it was being more enforced throughout the farm system. According to the Bee, development supervisors were incorporated into the clubhouse at the beginning of the season as opposed to a roving instructor going between the teams in the organization.

In the first half of the season, the Nuts finished in fourth place with a record of 32-38. Their win percentage was at .457 and was 11 games back in the division. At home, they were 19-16 and 13-22 on the road.

Currently, in the second half, the Nuts are in second place with a .611 win percentage. They hold a 11-7 record and are currently one game behind the first half division champion San Jose Giants. They are 4-3 at home and 7-4 on the road.

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