S2S Searching for Two Additional Writers

If you’re a regular on this site, you know that we’ve almost completely retooled our staff in the last couple of months. Things have stabilized for the most part and I am elated to have the team working with me that I do. That said, we have a couple additional seats I’d like to fill at our collaborative MiLB/prospect coverage round table. And of course we’d love to add a couple more voices to our internal discussions.

If you’re interested in writing for Seedlings to Stars, I encourage you to apply for a spot as a Staff Writer. The expectation that comes with this role is a minimum of approximately 6 articles/month. Online writing experience is not a prerequisite, but obviously applicants should have a strong knowledge base with respect to prospects, MiLB, and/or the MLB draft. At the present time our SW positions are unpaid but there are other – non-monetary – benefits writing for our site and for being a part of the FanSided Sports Network.

If you are interested in landing a spot on our team or if you’d like to discuss the details more in depth, the first step is to follow this link and fill out our network’s online application. Naturally once your application comes in, I will review and be in touch with you to discuss the opportunity further.

I’m looking to add two additional Staff Writers but am willing to stretch that number just a bit if the quantity – and more specifically the quality – of applications dictate such action.

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