S2S Content Recap: January 14th-20th and Our New Design

7 days, 6 writers and 19 articles. That’s 3 more articles than last week but it’s hardly the big news around these parts. The other major thing that happened on Friday was the face-lift and upgrade that our site received underwent. Seedlings to Stars had the honor of being one of the network’s beta sites for this launch and joined Arrowhead Addict as the two sites currently running version 3.0 of the FanSided site design.

You will start seeing this format more often in the coming weeks as it is rolled out to all of our sites so I hope you like the look and enjoy the new features and format. Personally, I’m incredibly excited about “The Hub” which will allow us to feature links, videos, tweets, and quotes from various sources in addition to our own content. Some of these things will show up only in the hub section but we can also have those things populate our article timeline in the case of truly excellent work or breaking news.

While some don’t subscribe to the belief, I feel the baseball writing world is one of cooperation and collaboration that thrives on the sharing of content and ideas. Thanks to the hub we will be able to more immediately pass along content that some of our favorite MiLB-based sites are churning out. For now the hub requires manual updating but it will be more automated in the near future.

Until that glorious day, enjoy our work from the previous week. Oh, and stay tuned for more exciting news as it relates to this site and our network as a whole!

1/14/12 – Top 100 Prospect Snubs: NL East [Nathaniel]

1/14/12 – 2011 SAL All-Stars: 2B Sean Coyle [Robbie] (Red Sox)

1/15/12 – Who Should the A’s Put on the Field in 2012? [Nathaniel]

1/15/12 – S2S 2012 Team Prospect Lists: Chicago Cubs [Wally]

1/15/12 – S2S Content Recap: January 7th-13th [Wally]

1/16/12 – Top 100 Prospect Snubs: NL Central [Nathaniel]

1/16/12 – Using Pitch F/X Data to Track Rookie Regression: The Michael Pineda Experiment [Bill] (Yankees)

1/17/12 – S2S 2012 Team Prospect Lists: Chicago White Sox [Nathaniel]

1/17/12 – The 20-80 Report, Ep 2: Yanks/M’s Trade, Braves, Cubs and More [Nathaniel]

1/17/12 – Major League Alumni: Tri-City ValleyCats [Drew] (Astros)

1/18/12 – Top 100 Prospect Snubs: NL West [Nathaniel]

1/18/12 – 2011 SAL All-Stars: 3B Adam Duvall [Robbie] (Giants)

1/18/12 – There’s Little Hope for Jared Mitchell [Nathaniel] (White Sox)

1/19/12 – Ryan Edell May Prove to be a Solid Pickup for Orioles [Nathaniel]

1/19/12 – 2011 SAL All-Stars: SS Jurickson Profar [Robbie] (Rangers)

1/19/12 – S2S 2012 Team Prospect Lists: Cincinnati Reds [Wally]

1/20/12 – The Problem With Juan Lagares [Nathaniel] (Mets)

1/20/12 – Jack Zduriencik’s Timing is Perfect [Bill] (Mariners)

1/20/12 – Major League Alumni: Mahoning Valley Scrappers [Drew] (Indians)


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