Sprouts: Yankees Top-40, BBA HoF, AL East Comparison and 7 More

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There are three types of baseball players: those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happens.

~Tommy Lasorda

Yankees Fans Unite unveiled their Top-40 list for their beloved New York Yankees this week and it’s definitely worth a look. Not only is it a well done list, it goes 40 deep! The players listed at the top of their rankings are the four you’d expect. They’re also the same four Yankees that made our Top-100 list but are arranged a little differently.


The Baseball Bloggers Alliance – an organization that Seedlings to Stars is proud to be a part of – revealed the results of our Hall of Fame balloting process yesterday. Based on the BBA voting, Barry Larkin and Jeff Bagwell received enough votes to break the 75% threshold. Both players were among the seven that I voted for on my own personal ballot (more on that in a future column). Click the below to check out the official press release with full results of our voting.


Over on Jays Journal, Mat Germain broke down the 2012 pick positions for Toronto and their AL East rivals. He then went on to recap the 2011 pick positions as well as the recent international signings for all five teams. His conclusion? The Jays, Rays, and to a lesser extent, the Red Sox are separating themselves from Baltimore and New York.


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