Introducing Your South Atlantic League 2011 All-Stars

The South Atlantic League, affectionately known as the Sally League, is one of the most interesting leagues in all of the minors. It’s at the Low-A level, featuring the most polished of players from the previous two year’s drafts along with players who showed enough at Rookie and Short Season ball the previous season to be sent to full season ball. The league is beaming with talent, mostly unrealized, but some players really shine. You see better velocity from pitchers in the Sally than pitchers at Triple-A and you see more power and speed and pure hitting ability from the hitters.

Every year in the Sally there are a few players who dominate the league and turn into superstars within a few years. For a baseline, the league hit .260/.332/.392 as a whole with an average of 24 doubles, 3 triples 9 homers, and 13 stolen bases per 500 plate appearances, showing off some of the league’s pure hitting, power, and speed potential. The pitchers posted a 4.12 league ERA with a 7.8 K/9 (an indication the plus stuff), a 3.3 BB/9, and a 0.7 HR/9 (which amounted to a 3.78 FIP and a 3.98 SIERA according to Minor League Central).

Over the next three weeks were going to take a look at this league’s Sally League top performers and see who those superstars might be. We’ll go through the stats and break down just how good each player was. And then we’ll get into scouting reports and see whether these players will be able to sustain their stellar performance in the Sally in coming seasons. This All-Star team will be based on performance, not “prospectability,” but there will be several players who are the really high-touted prospects. It should be a lot of fun. Please check back over the next few weeks and enjoy a glimpse at the future of baseball.


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