S2S Content Recap: December 23rd-30th and Happy New Year

2011 is just about in the books, we’re all a year older and I’d like to think we’re all a little wiser. I know that time goes by way too fast but it’s still hard to believe that 7 months have elapsed since we launched Seedlings to Stars. I’d like to thank everyone who has visited our site – once or several hundred times – since our first post was published on May 31st. I hope we can count on your support in 2012.

Speaking of your support, we’d love it if you’d like our Facebook page. My hope was to get 100 likes over there by the end of the year and we’re currently at 99. It is the only 2011 goal we haven’t reached and I’d like to make this past year a complete success in that regard.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we’re going to sit back and put things on cruise control for 2012.

We’ve got some big projects planned and plenty of other site and network “enhancements” on the way. We’ve added a number of new voices recently which will help to further diversify our content and we are all committed to publishing the best content we can.

Again thanks for reading and thanks for all of your support! If it wasn’t for you, Nathaniel and I would probably just be hanging out on Google Chat arguing about completely irrelevant baseball topics. Actually, now that I think about it, we still do that. Seedlings to Stars and FanSided gives us a platform to publish our thoughts and opinions, but it’s all of you that make our efforts so much more rewarding than they would otherwise be.

I’m off to work on another FSL All-Star article so I’ll leave you with links to the articles we’ve published in the past 8 days.

Have a wonderful and safe New Year!

12/23/11:  S2S 2012 Top-100 Prospects: #15 Gerrit Cole [Nathaniel] (Pirates)

12/23/11:  Beane Elects to Keep Head Above Water in Gio Trade [Bill] (Athletics)

12/24/11:  S2S 2012 Top-100 Prospects: #14 Trevor Bauer [Nathaniel] (Diamondbacks)

12/25/11:  S2S 2012 Top-100 Prospects: #13 Manny Machado [Nathaniel] (Orioles)

12/25/11:  Downtime is Coming, Downtime is Coming [Wally]

12/25/11:  S2S Content Recap: December 16th-22nd [Wally]

12/26/11:  S2S 2012 Top-100 Prospects: #12 Devin Mesoraco [Nathaniel] (Reds)

12/27/11:  S2S 2012 Top-100 Prospects: #11 Robbie Erlin [Nathaniel] (Padres)

12/27/11:  Sprouts: Daniel Garner, Shaeffer Hall and Chris Roman [Wally]

12/28/11:  S2S 2012 Top-100 Prospects: #10 Anthony Rendon [Nathaniel] (Nationals)

12/29/11:  S2S 2012 Top-100 Prospects: #9 Jameson Taillon [Nathaniel] (Pirates)

12/29/11:  Some of Tyler Matzek’s problems were out of his control [Robbie] (Rockies)

12/30/11:  S2S 2012 Top-100 Prospects:  #8 Shelby Miller [Nathaniel] (Cardinals)

12/30/11:  2011 S2S FSL All-Star Team: RHP Julio Rodriguez [Wally] (Phillies)

12/30/11:  Will Josh Vitters finally break out in 2012? [Robbie] (Cubs)


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