Sprouts: Daniel Garner, Shaeffer Hall and Chris Roman

I am utterly bored by celebrity interviews. Most celebrities are devoid of interest.

Despite the quote from Roger Ebert, this week’s edition of Sprouts is dedicated to interviews. Three of them to be exact. Fortunately for all of us, baseball players are almost always more interesting than celebrities. If you disagree with that, at least we share baseball as a common interest with the players features in the articles linked below.

Right out of the gate this week we have a 4 part series that Robbie Knopf did over on Rays Colored Glasses. His subject matter was one near and dear to my heart: catchers. In doing his series he has provided the most comprehensive look at the 2012 draft prospects at the position. At least that I’ve come across anyway.

But that’s not all! By way of his series, Robbie wound up in touch with Daniel Garner (covered in part 2) and proceeded to do an interview with him.


Over on Road to Yankee Stadium, Ezra (friend of S2S) published an interview he did with Yanks pitching prospect Shaeffer Hall. If you’re a regular reader you know I enjoy giving shout outs to local players from where I grew up (Minnesota) and where I settled and started a family (Missouri/Kansas). Shaeffer definitely fits the bill. Not only was he born in Independence, Missouri, he also played college ball at the University of Kansas.


Finally to make it 3-3 on the interview front I present to you an interview with Chris Roman that appeared over on Jays Prospects (published by April Whitzman). If you’ve never heard of Roman, that’s okay. He went undrafted and struggled in the GCL this summer, but it’s still a terribly enjoyable piece to read.


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