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For those of you who aren’t aware, the bulk my time in college was spent as an English major (and a Classical Civilizations major but that’s not relevant right now) with a focus on Creative Writing. As a result I spent an enormous amount of time poring over and analyzing countless novels, short stories and poems. I never developed much of a taste for the works of Robert Frost – I tended to like the writers more off the beaten path – but I have to admit he occasionally flashed literary brilliance. Case and point:

Poets are like baseball pitchers. Both have their moments. The intervals are the tough things.

Well said Robert … now on to the links!

The site, Old Time Family Baseball will be doing a charity “blogathon” next month in support of Doctor’s Without Borders. Since it is the season of giving and it is for a good cause – not to mention a cool idea – I hope you’ll take a moment to check it out and consider donating.


There can be no question that New York Mets have been plagued by questionable management and decision-making over the last several years. The news that they are removing their presence with the Gulf Coast League is just another sad piece of news for the franchise and of course sad for MiLB fans like myself.

The move is being billed as a financial decision but I find it hard to believe that the existence of a rookie ball team – which is based at the Mets spring training complex – is that big of a drain on their resources and the organization’s bottom line. Regardless of the cost of running the team, the benefits have to outweigh the expense. Especially since the GCL serves as a wonderful developmental entry point for recent draft picks as well as international prospects who land stateside for the first time.


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Finally I wanted to send out a hearty and healthy thanks to Matthew Cerrone for putting up a link on Mets Blog to our Matt Harvey FSL article (written by yours truly). Their referral traffic played a BIG part in setting a new single-day traffic record on our site today and we certainly appreciate it!


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