S2S Content Recap: October 28th-November 3rd

It’s Saturday night and I’m beat. Six hours of yard work will do that pretty much anyone I suppose. The drawback for you, the reader, is that you get a completely half-a**ed intro for this week’s content recap. Intros always seem to be a sticking point for me when I put this together every week and I’m not entirely sure why I let that bother me since this is just a recap of the content we’ve published in the last week.

Maybe I should just pick a baseball related quote each week and then launch right into the links. I guess you will have to wait till next week to see if I pursue that line of thinking. For now, however, enjoy the links!

Friday, October 28th

S2S 2012 Top-100 Prospects: #71 Marcell Ozuna [Nathaniel] (Marlins)

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of: Julio Teheran [Nathaniel] (Braves)

S2S Content Recap: October 21st-27th [Wally]

Saturday, October 29th

S2S 2012 Top-100 Prospects: #70 Michael Choice [Nathaniel] (Athletics)

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of: Steve Edlefsen [Nathaniel] (Giants)

Sunday, October 30th

S2S 2012 Top-100 Prospects: #69 Brett Jackson [Nathaniel] (Cubs)

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of: Kyle Waldrop [Nathaniel] (Twins)

Monday, October 31st

S2S 2012 Top-100 Prospects: #68 Cheslor Cuthbert [Nathaniel] (Royals)

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of: Aaron Thompson [Nathaniel] (Pirates)

A Brief Examination Of New Braves Prospect Chris Jones [Nathaniel]

Tuesday, November 1st

S2S 2012 Top-100 Prospects: #67 Julio Rodriguez [Nathaniel] (Phillies)

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of: Atahualpa Severino [Nathaniel] (Nationals)

Harvesting Opinion: Cincinnati Reds – Top Pitching Prospects [Nathaniel/Wally]

Wednesday, November 2nd

S2S 2012 Top-100 Prospects: #66 Steve Lombardozzi [Nathaniel] (Nationals)

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of: Kelvin Herrera [Nathaniel] (Royals)

Sprouts: Jays Affiliates, Free Agent Filing and Pirates Internal Options [Wally]

Thursday, November 3rd

S2S 2012 Top-100 Prospects: #65 Jonathan Singleton [Nathaniel] (Astros)

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of: Maikel Cleto [Nathaniel] (Cardinals)


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